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17 Westcombe St Darra Brisbane 4076
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About us

Brisbane, Queensland Mini Cranes crane hire Brisbane, Queensland, Australia specialising in cost affective crane solutions for rigging, building sites, construction, industrial, steel erection, glass erection, plant maintenance, landscaping, concrete panels, mainline operations sculptures and art work.

Affordable lifting solutions

Australia's first specialist mini crane company has created a niche market providing expertise in the range of materials normally handled by gut-busting, complicated rigging systems or much larger, more costly cranes.

With the ability to gain access to sites by way of double doors, up stairs, on scaffolding, through carparks and carports, under walkways, lifted to roofs with larger cranes, in goods lifts, by barge or by helicopter insertion.

We can achieve results in a cost efficient and more productive way with the use of smaller cranes in;

Steel erection
- in tight areas or on suspended floors and roof tops.

Glass erection - awnings, skylights and curtain walls.

Plant maintenance - assembly and maintenance with the ability to work in restricted areas without shutting down larger sections of the plant.

Landscaping - trees and rocks - both external and internal.

Concrete Panels - decorative and light weight concrete panels. Erection on difficult sites and from the tops of buildings rather than road closures to work from below.

Sculptures and art work - precise placement with low environmental impact on established sites.

Work and Locations

  • 4.8 ton NTC
  • 4.5 ton Linmac
  • 2.9 ton Linmac
  • 2.6 ton Skat
  • 2.5 ton Maeda

Lifting Solutions

  • For sites with limited access or tight working areas
  • Suspended floors anywhere; weight restrictions apply
  • Internal work

We can provide expert assessment and recommend the safest and most cost efficient method of material handling.

No job too small and no project too difficult.

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About us  | Service Area | 2.6 Ton Skat2.8 Ton Maeda2.9 Ton TOA2.9 Ton Linmac |
4.5 Ton Linmac
4.8 Ton NTC
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